Last night we happened to start watching a movie somewhere in the middle. At first it was just Zilas and I watching. The movie was on BYU-TV so it had a religious bent. It was a true story about a little girl about ten who had a disease that affected her stomach and intestinal system. The mother and daughter were at the hospital and the mother was clearly distressed.

Zilas thought she seemed too upset, but I explained that if anything happens to our children parents are so upset and would do anything to make them better. About this time Pop (Jeff) had come in and he agreed. We told Zilas we would be so crazy if anything happened to him because he is our son now.

Eventually the girl goes home but is still not well. She’s is outside playing with her sisters and the older sister gets her to climb up a tree. High up they are sitting on a branch. The girl looks so happy, but then the branch starts cracking and the older sister sitting further out, tells her to get off. She’s clearly terrified but finally moves and in fleeing tumbles into the tree which is hollow. There she lays unconscious.

Ok long story shortened a bit, emergency crews get her out, she is life flighted to the hospital there they find she is fine, not even a broken bone. Later they find that her stomach disease is completely gone.

She tells her parents that while she was laying there in the tree she could see herself and she ends up talking to God, who tells her he is sending her back. She asks if he does will she be healed because otherwise she doesn’t want to go back.

It lead to some discussion with Zilas about God and prayer and death, but he did not bring up his mom. One scene has a lot of people praying while they girl is in the tree. So we talked about praying being talking to God.

He liked the show and the idea of miracles happening. I’m hoping we can discuss it more in the next few days,

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