Dealing with the “can I haves”

This past weekend was a test of my ability to hold my ground. Zilas seems to be always wanting something, no matter where we are. At the zoo it was a stuffed animal “to remember the experience”.

I relented and bought him a wolf stuffed animal with the agreement he would not ask for anything else until his birthday (May). But later in the souvenir store he was pressing for more.

The next day he was at it again. He tried to wheel and deal and barter. I explained we’ve tried that and it doesn’t work. He still hasn’t completed agreed upon chores for his Godzilla.

We got a little heated with each other, but after some time in his room things were more normal.

Partly I think he was over tired and partly I think that is just what kids do. But I am starting to wonder if it is him trying to fill the gapping hole left by his mom’s death. Something to discuss with his counselor I guess.

Currently Godzilla is “on vacation” until Zilas completes the promised tasks.

Parenting and holding ones ground takes a great deal patience. I pray daily for this patience.

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